New Mexico Secretary of States Business Entity Search

Known for the low cost of labour in the country, New Mexico is surely a considerable choice for new startups. But do you know the necessary steps to register a business name in New Mexico? To form a business in this state, a New Mexico business entity search can be very vital.

An LLC or Limited Liability Company is a business structure formed by many businesses in this state. In other words, forming an LLC is a very popular option for small to medium-scaled businesses in New Mexico. With benefits including low maintenance and simple and easy formation, a New Mexico LLC is a great choice.


New Mexico Business Entity Search

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A business entity search is performed in order to check the status of a registered business. Businesses conduct a search to see if their preferable LLC name is available or not. The New Mexico Secretary of State business search page allows individuals to conduct a New Mexico business entity search. Above all, you can select your desired business name and get it registered with the New Mexico SOS. However, if you select an entity name that has been already registered, then the Secretary of State will reject your file. Hence, you must perform a New Mexico business entity search before selecting a name for your company. Above all, you are also required to make sure that your LLC name meets all the naming guidelines.

New Mexico LLC Naming Guidelines

We want you to make sure that you are aware of the LLC naming guidelines before you select a business name.

  • As it is a New Mexico Limited Liability Company, you must include the phrase LLC, L.L.C, LC, or L.C., or its full form at the end of your business name.
  • Words confusing your LLC name with a government agency must not be used.
  • Some specific words like University or Bank are restricted words and can only be used after some additional paperwork.
  • Your New Mexico LLC name must be different as well as unique. In other words, you must not use any existing LLC name as your own. Hence, a New Mexico business entity search must be conducted.

New Mexico Business Entity Search Method

The name search process for each state in the US is different. Let’s understand the procedure to conduct the business name search for New Mexico. You can easily perform the name search by accessing the New Mexico SOS business search page. You can conduct a name search primarily by three methods:

1. Search By Entity Name

Once you access the given page of the New Mexico Secretary of State, you can simply select the entity name button. After that, provide the entity name in the required box.

Once you hit the search button, you will be redirected to the search result page. In the search result list, you can simply click on the entity name of any business and access the detailed information.

2. Search By Business ID

If you know the business ID of a particular registered business, you can simply carry out a search by providing the business ID. Select the “Business ID” button and provide a valid ID.

3. Search By Registration/Reservation Number

If you know the exact registration or reservation number of a business then you can conduct an inquiry by providing it in the required field.

Reserving Your New Mexico LLC Name

The New Mexico Secretary of State allows businesses to reserve an LLC name unless they are prepared for the business formation. Once you finish the New Mexico business entity search and select the perfect business name, you are required to fill the Application for Reservation of an LLC. Fill out the form by providing all the required information for your name reservation. In addition, you will need to pay a reservation fee of about $20. As soon as you file all the documents with the reservation fee, your New Mexico LLC name will be reserved for the next 120 days.

Register Your New Mexico LLC Name

Once you finish the name search from the portal of the New Mexico SOS business search, you can register it with the secretary of state. For this, you are required to nominate a registered agent and file the New Mexico Articles of Organization. You will be charged a filing fee of about $50. Once this is done, your New Mexico LLC is officially formed.

Domain & TrademarkUnited_States_Patent_and_Trademark_Office.svg

A domain name puts your online business in the same league as your largest competitors. Hence, selecting a domain name similar to or the same as your business name is a wise option. In addition, a Trademark can protect your New Mexico business name as well as your brand identity. This way, you can stop your competitors from imitating or parroting your brand image, logo, or slogans.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to reserve a New Mexico LLC name?

Yes, you can reserve an LLC name in the state of New Mexico for a period of 120 days. In addition, you can even re-reserve it for the next 120 days as well.

2. How can I check if my desired business name is available in the state of New Mexico or not?

You can simply conduct a New Mexico business entity search on the portal of the New Mexico Secretary of State business search.

3. Can I use the word “University” with my New Mexico LLC name?

“University” is a restricted name, which means that using it for your New Mexico LLC might require additional paperwork.

4. How long does it take to form an LLC in the state of New Mexico?

It takes about 2-3 days of processing time when filing online, and 2-3 weeks when filing has been done by mail.

5. Can I be my own registered agent of my New Mexico LLC?

Anyone who is associated with your business and is a resident of New Mexico can be a registered agent.

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