Colorado Secretary of State Business Entity Search

Colorado is considered to be one of the best states in the United States of America to run a business. The exceptional business-friendly environment makes Colorado the perfect place for new businesses to grow and expand. But do you know about the procedure and guidelines for naming your new business in Colorado? If not, then we have written all the necessary steps that must be followed.

A Limited liability company or LLC could be a perfect option for you if you are looking to start a business, or already have an established business in Colorado. Moreover, an LLC is an ideal option for small to regular-scaled businesses as it has several advantages that include protection of your personal assets from debts and business liability, easy and low filing cost. In other words, we will discuss the details of how to perform the Colorado business entity search. Also, how helpful it could be to choose your LLC name.


Colorado Business Entity Search

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A business entity search can help to check business details. Colorado SOS website shows all the registered business names. This way you can find whether your desired name is available or not. If your business name matches any other registered business name in Colorado, you will not be able to get it registered. In other words, if you are someone who is looking to start a business in Colorado, a Colorado business entity search must be carried out on the portal of Colorado Secretary of State business search. Moreover, this will confirm that your desired business name is available in the same state.

Colorado LLC Naming Guidelines

Before you finalize your Colorado LLC name and get it registered with the Colorado Secretary of State, you should look at the LLC naming guidelines that are compulsory to follow.

  • Your business name cannot include phrases or words like FBI, State Department, etc. In other words, you cannot confuse your Colorado business name with a government agency.
  • As it is a Colorado LLC, it should contain the word “LLC”, “L.L.C.”, or its full form i.e. “Limited Liability Company” at the end of your company name.
  • Words like University, Bank, or Attorney are restricted to use in the Colorado LLC. These types of words might require a licensed individual and additional paperwork.
  • Your Colorado LLC name must not describe or define anything that would be illegal for your business or services in the USA.
  • And lastly, you are required to perform a Colorado business entity search in order to avoid a business name that has been already registered by someone else.

Colorado Business Entity Search Methods

All the states in the USA have different methods and procedures to carry out a business entity search. But what’s the procedure for Colorado business entity search? Let’s find out. Firstly, you are required to open the official portal of the Colorado Secretary of State business search.

Under the business database search, you can carry out an inquiry by different methods.

1. Business Name

Enter a business name of a registered business in the state of Colorado. After that, hit the search button to conduct an inquiry. On the search result page, you can check the Status, Formation Date, Event, ID, and Document number of a registered business.

2. Search By Entity ID

Likewise, enter a valid entity ID of a registered business in Colorado in the search bar. After that, click the search button to conduct an inquiry.

3. Search By Document Number

Similarly, if you know a valid document number of a registered business in the state of Colorado, you can conduct an inquiry by providing the same. Likewise, you can also search by providing a trademark, or trade name.

4. Name Availability Check

If you want to check if your desired business name is available in the state of Colorado or not, then you can select the “Name Availability Check” tab and enter your preferable name in the search bar. After that, hit the enter button and you can simply check if the name is available in the state or not.

Reserving Your Colorado LLC Name

If you have a perfect entity name for your business in the state of Colorado but are unsure or not quite ready to start your business then you are provided with the facility to reserve a name. Use the Colorado SOS business search and finalize the name. After that, file the statement of reservation with all the necessary details. Reserving your LLC name requires a fee of $25. In conclusion, you will be able to reserve the name is reserved for 120 days.

Registering Colorado LLC Name

Use the Colorado business entity search tool from the SOS website. Once you decide on a name, the first step should be to finalize and register your name. You must file Articles of Organization from the Colorado SOS website. This could be done by appointing a registered agent and paying a processing fee of $50. Once approved, your Colorado LLC will be formed. The approval time is about 4-6 weeks by mail. However, it is instant approval for online filing.

Domain & Trademark


For your Colorado business, selecting a domain name is as important as selecting a business name. It is always recommended to use a domain name that is the same as your business name. On the flip side, if the domain name is not available, you can select a name that is similar to your business name. A Colorado Trademark is a valuable asset as it is a preferable option if you want to protect your brand from any unauthorized access. In addition, a Trademark can typically safeguard your Colorado business or its name from unofficial or prohibited use. You can conduct a Trademark search for your business in Colorado. However, your Colorado LLC name should not violate another registered trademark in the state of Colorado. To Trademark a name in Colorado, it can cost you about $30.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. For how many days can I get an LLC name reserved in Colorado?

Colorado Secretary of State allows you to reserve an LLC for a period of 120 days.

2. How do I check if someone else has registered my desired business name in the state of Colorado?

You can conduct a name availability search by conducting a Colorado business entity search on the portal of the Colorado SOS Business search.

3. What is the processing fee to form an LLC in Colorado?

It can typically cost about $50 to form an LLC in the state of Colorado.

4. What is the next step after selecting the desired business name in Colorado?

Once you have selected the appropriate business name which is available in Colorado, you should get it registered before someone else does it.

5. How long does take to form an LLC in the state of Colorado?

If you file it online, you can get it registered almost instantly. However, it might take up to 4-6 weeks if you form it through the mail.

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