Naming a business is not as easy as it sounds. Be it any state, you must follow a process to name a business. This is only the first step of forming a business. It is the base of your business formation and you must do it right, there is no space for error as changing a name again can be a longer process than expected. We at are dedicated to gathering information on how exactly to do a business search. Being aware of the process can save so much time.

Note: The business entity search process varies from state to state.

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We have focused on creating a space for all businessmen and businesswomen. Our focus is on the comprehensive approach to avail data related to business entity search. As crucial it is to find an eligible business name, it is equally important to finding the correct information. We have not only focused on the multiple ways to search for a business name but at the same time, we have also focused on what to do immediately after that.

What is a Business Entity Search?

The purpose of a business entity search is to search for a name for your business. When you are forming a business in any of the states in the US, then you must choose an available name. You can conduct the process online. Every state has an online portal that allows you to search for a business name. Every registered business will be on the state’s website. So the basic idea is you search for a name that you desire for your company and if the name is not shown in the database, then it suggests that the name is available.

Why Business Entity Search?

Why should you do a business entity search before starting your business? It is proved to be a very important step to forming your business for the following reasons.

  • To ensure whether your business name is available or not
  • To check your business registration status.
  • To search specific details about existing businesses.
  • Some state website also allows performing administrative tasks.

How to Search a Business Name?

A simple process of serching your business name can help you a long way. As we understood why is it important, now let us see how exactly does the process work?

  1. Think of a business name – Very crucial to decide on a name that justifies your business and your vision. 
  2. Search the name on the state portal – Visit the state portal and search your business name availability.
  3. Analyse the result – Check the result if there is no match for your search name then your business name is available.
  4. Register your LLC – You can then move on to registering your LLC under the available name.

What is your Branding Strategy?

Do you have a branding strategy yet? meaning what is your legal name and what is your brand name? Most companies go for the same name as their legal name and brand name. Although there is also an option to keep your legal name and brand name different. What is the difference though?

  • Legal Name: The business name you register legally on all your company documents.
  • Brand Name: The business name you use to market your company to your clients and customers.

There are three types of branding strategies companies go for:

1. When the Legal name and Brand name is the same

  • Legal Name – Nike
  • Brand Name – Nike

2. When the Legal name and Brand name is different

  • Legal Name – Wal-mart Inc and Brand Name – Walmart
  • Legal Name – Hewlett-Packard Company and Brand Name – HP

3. When one Legal name have multiple brand names

  • Legal Name – The Gap, Inc
  • Brand Names – Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, Intermix, and The Gap

When to Consider Using a DBA?

DBA stands for “doing business as.” In simple terms, DBA allows companies to run their business under a different name than their legal name. If you are looking to run multiple brands under your legal name then you can go for DBA. Other cases in which you would want to look at using DBA would be, if you want to rebrand your business or if your brand name is restricting your expansion or you simply do not love your business name.

10 Questions to Ask While Choosing Your Business Name!

  1. Does the name sound good?
  2. Does the name seems good visually when I write it?
  3. Is the name easy to remember?
  4. Is the name easy to spell?
  5. Will people be able to pronounce my business name right?
  6. Will my business name be limiting the company’s expansion in the future?
  7. What could be the first reaction of people after hearing the name?
  8. Does my name contains anything demeaning to any culture?
  9. Am I able to convey my purpose through the name?
  10. How is my business name compared to others in the industry?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to determine whether my business name is available or not?

Upon searching your desired business name, if the state website shows no result on your name, that will suggest that your business name is available.

2. Do I have to reserve my name before registering?

No, it is not compulsory to reserve your name. You can simply register your name directly.

3. Where can I get the forms?

You will find forms online on the state website.

4. Is entity ID and tax number the same?

No, they are both different. Every registered business is alloted an entity ID which is useful for business filings.

5. Is there any charge to reserve my business name?

Yes, there are charges to reserve your business name. It may vary from state to state, generally it will be in the range of $35 to $100.

6. Can my business name reservation expire?

Yes, every state reserves your business name for upto certain days. It is generally in the range of 90-120 days.

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