Maine Secretary of State Business Entity Search

Maine offers a huge market for growing small businesses. And if you are looking to start a business in the state of Maine, you must make sure you read the full article. Do you know how to name your business in Maine? A Maine business entity search will certainly help. An LLC or a Limited Liability Company could be a good option to form especially in a state like Maine. In addition, Maine LLC has a very quick and simple filing process and you can even avoid double taxation. But before you form an LLC in this state, you must perform a Maine business entity search.


Maine Business Entity Search

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A business entity search is basically a process of conducting a business name search. In other words, to make sure that no other business is using the name that you desire, you are required to carry out a business entity search. The Maine Secretary of State business search portal helps to perform the business name search. Hence, this will ensure that no other business has been registered with the name that you want for your Maine business. Before selecting your Maine business name, you must make sure that you are aware of the Maine LLC naming guidelines.

Maine LLC Naming Guidelines

There are a few LLC naming guidelines issued by the Maine Secretary of State. The Maine LLC naming guidelines are as follows:

  • As it is a Maine LLC, you must make sure that you use “Limited Liability Company”, “LLC”, ‘LC”, “L.L.C”, “L.C.”, or “Limited Company” at the end of your business name.
  • Similarly, if your Maine LLC is a low-profit LLC, then you must use “L3C” or “l3c”.
  • Bank, Attorney, University, etc are restricted words. Hence, in order to use them, you may require extra paperwork.
  • Your Maine LLC name must not confuse your company with a government agency.
  • Likewise, you must not use an LLC name that has been already registered by other businesses in Maine. Hence, a Maine business entity search must be performed.

Maine Business Entity Search Procedure

Different states in the US have dedicated portals to conduct a business name search. And the Maine business entity search could be carried out on the given portal. But how exactly should you conduct a business name search? Once you access the given page, you can carry out the Maine business entity search through two main methods.

1. Search By Keyword

To carry out a Maine SOS business search by this method, you can simply enter your desired keyword in the required field.

After that, click on the given search button and you will be redirected to the Maine business search result page.

On the search result page, you can simply click on the “Information Summary” button to access more accurate information about a particular entity.

2. Search By Charter Number

If you know the exact charter number of a particular business, you can simply enter it in the required field. Above all, this will give also you a very narrow and accurate result. Once you enter the valid charter number, simply hit the search button and carry out the Maine business name search.

Reserving Your Maine LLC Name

The Maine SOS allows businesses to reserve a business name after conducting the Maine business entity search. Once you carry out the Maine SOS business search and select a business name as per your preference, you can simply choose to reserve it with the Maine SOS. You can typically reserve an LLC name in the state of Maine for 120 days. This is done by filing an application for a name reservation. However, you can only file this application through the mail. In addition, you must pay the name reservation fee of $20.

Registering Your Maine LLC Name

To register an LLC name in the state of Maine, the first step is to conduct a Maine Secretary of State business search and find the perfect LLC name for your business. Once this is done, you must appoint a Maine registered agent and file the (MLLC-6) Certificate of Formation. However, you can only file this certificate by mail only. In addition, you are also required to pay the processing fee of $175. Once you submit the form, your Maine LLC will be formed within 5 to 10 business days.

Domain & Trademark


We always recommend selecting a domain name that is similar to your Maine business name. However, if the preferred domain name is unavailable, you must make sure you are selecting a domain that has some similarity with your Maine LLC. A Maine trademark enables you to take legal action against any third-party use of your LLC name. Hence, we recommend you trademark your Maine LLC name if you are thinking of going big.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the next step after selecting the desired business name in Maine?

Once you have selected your appropriate name by conducting the Maine business entity search, you should get it registered with the Maine SOS before someone else does it.

2. How long does it take to form an LLC in Maine?

It takes somewhere between 5-10 business days of approval time to form an LLC in the state of Maine.

3. Can I be my own Registered Agent for my Maine LLC?

Yes, you or anyone who is part of your Maine LLC can be the Registered Agent.

4. For how many days can I reserve an LLC name in the state of Maine?

You can typically reserve a Maine LLC name for a period of 120 days which costs $20.

5. What if I select an LLC name that is already registered with the Maine Secretary of State?

If you choose an already registered LLC name, the Maine Secretary of State will simply reject your LLC file.

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