Arizona Secretary of State Business Entity Search

If you’re planning on starting a business in Arizona then naming it becomes more crucial. Do you know the necessary considerations to name a business in Arizona? Well, it all comes down to doing an Arizona business entity search. If you don’t know what a business entity search is, then just follow along. We will also give some valuable information on what could your next step after finalizing a name for your business. 

But why choose Arizona? The state of Arizona is considered among the top ten business-friendly states in the US. With a great economy, the housing and transportation costs in Arizona are quite budget-friendly. Also, unlike many other states, Arizona does not tax its citizens for social security benefits. This makes it a perfect work and business destination. For new small to medium businesses, Our advice would be to form an Arizona LLC. With an LLC you can get your new business on track very easily with very simple regulations into play.


Arizona Business Entity Search

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The foremost step into forming an LLC in Arizona is to name your LLC. On the basis of that name, you can register and fill up the filing form and more. Now, every state has a secretary of state website where you can perform a search called the business entity search. The search allows you to know the details of all businesses. By doing an Arizona business entity search you can know whether your desired LLC name is available to use in the state. It is compulsory for an LLC to choose a unique name and hence there is a guideline formed by the government that needs to be followed. Here it is

Arizona LLC Naming Guidelines

There are a few Arizona LLC naming guidelines that must be followed before choosing a name for your business which are as follows.

  • The LLC name must be unique, which means that other corporations or LLC cannot use the name in Arizona.  But this is not enough.
  • You cannot add suffixes like a corporation, limited, Co., Corp., Inc., LLC, Ltd., etc to the name of another business and claim that your’s is different. You are not allowed to confuse your LLC name with any other registered business name. Similarly, conjunctions like “And”, or “&”, abbreviations, punctuation, symbols, fonts, typefaces, etc shall not be used as well.
  • Your Arizona LLC name must contain the words “LLC” or ”L.L.C”, “Limited Liability Company” normally at the end of the entity name.
  • Words like “bank”, ”deposit”, “trust”, “union” can only be used in combination or separately if the company is engaged in banking, trust business, or union.
  • Names that denote a purpose that would be illegal or against the law shall not be included.

Arizona Business Entity Search Procedure

Different states have different methods to carry out the entity search. So what is the business name search procedure for the state of Arizona? Once you have finalized the name by following all the necessary guidelines mentioned above, you must make sure that the unique name is available in Arizona State. For this, you need to complete a name search on the eCorp or Arizona SOS business search portal. The Arizona SOS business search can be carried out in different ways which are written below.

1. Search By Entity Name

  • You can directly enter your preferable entity name and search it out by hitting the Name Availability Check button.
  • Once you enter the entity name and select a suitable filter as mentioned above, you can hit the name availability check button and find out directly if your desired entity name is available or not.

  • If you hit the “Search” button instead of the “Name Availablity Check” button, you can find details about the entity name that is exact or similar to your preferable business name.

2. Search By Entity ID

Select the “Entity ID” tab and enter the valid entity ID of a registered business in the state of Arizona. Hit the search button to carry out an inquiry.

3. Search By Principal Name

If you have the appropriate principal name of a registered business in the state of Arizona, you can enter it in the “Principal Name” tab and carry out an inquiry.

4. Statutory Agent Name

If you have the appropriate statutory agent name of a registered business in the state of Arizona, you can enter it in the “Statutory Agent Name” tab and carry out an inquiry.

Reserve Your Arizona LLC Name

Reservation is a great option if you have selected the preferable name by conducting an Arizona business entity search for a new business but are not ready to form the business. The state of Arizona allows you to Reserve Your LLC Name, and this can be done via mail or online. You need to provide the name you want to reserve, type of entity, name, and address of applicant, and signature. The base processing fee is $10. Once the payment is done, the state of Arizona will reserve the name for 120 days. However, once the reservation period ends, they will not allow you to renew the reservation. This concludes that you should only reserve the name if you will be able to start your business within 120 days.

Register Your Arizona LLC Name

Name registration is important. You should choose your LLC name wisely and then register it as soon as possible. While forming the Arizona LLC, you will require to fill an article of organization. The document will ask for your LLC name. Hence you can understand how without choosing a name you can register your Arizona LLC. You will need $60 for filing the document.

Revising your Arizona LLC Name

If you want to change your Arizona LLC name, first you simply need to check on the Arizona SOS website and conduct an Arizona Business entity search. Once you finalize the name, you are required to file an article of amendment. You need to pay $25 for ACC filing and finally get your Arizona LLC name revised.

Domain and TrademarkUnited_States_Patent_and_Trademark_Office.svg

Selecting a proper domain name for your business is very important for online success. It is advised to have a domain name that’s exactly similar to the business name. If not, there should be some similarity between the two. Filing for a trademark in Arizona registers a slogan, logo, or a symbol that you want to show on your product, display on services or goods you want to sell. You can Register the Trademark on the Arizona secretary of state business search page. If the state accepts their trademark, the registration amount for a Trade Name is $10 and for a Trademark, it’s $15. The trademark registration must be renewed in ten years, and trade name registration must be renewed in five years.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I reserve an available desired name in Arizona?

Yes, for 120 days you can reserve an LLC name in the state of Arizona.

2. What is the processing fee for reserving a name in Arizona?

The processing fee for reserving a name in Arizona is only about $10. However, if you wish to reserve a name quickly, you’ll be charged an extra amount of $35.

3. How long does it take to form a Limited Liability Company or LLC in Arizona?

Usually, it takes around 3 weeks to get an LLC in Arizona.

4. Can I renew the reserved name after the reservation period is over?

No, the state of Arizona does not allow you to renew the reservation once the reservation period ends.

5. Where can I file for a trademark in Arizona?

You can apply through the Arizona secretary of state business search website.

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