Florida Secretary of State Business Entity Search

Are you looking to name your business in Florida? then, doing a Florida business entity search should be your topmost priority. It is the only efficient way to find out whether any other entity in the state is using the same/similar name that you desire to use for your Florida-based business.

Florida has one of the highest startup survival rates and also offers various business and tax incentives. In addition, selecting an LLC for your new business will have its own advantages. The most important is the simplicity that comes with starting and managing an LLC.


Florida Business Entity Search

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If you are looking to open a company of your own, then this is the first step that needs to be done. A business entity search allows you to find a suitable and appropriate name for your business. It helps you to find a business name that is different and unique from all the other businesses or company names. The main purpose of a business entity search is that it allows you to pick your desired entity name that does not match with an already registered entity name. However, you can’t get your desired business name registered in Florida if it matches another entity name that has been already registered in the State. Hence, to run a business in Florida, a Florida business entity search is a must.

Florida LLC Naming Guidelines

There are some guidelines provided by the state that need to be followed while naming the LLC. If you don’t follow the rules then there are chances that the name you have chosen for your company might get rejected. So, before choosing a name for your business you must consider the guidelines given by the state of Florida that are written below.

  • The LLC name must end with the “Limited liability company”, “limited company”, “LLC”, or “L.L.C.” You can use abbreviations also like for a company you can use “Co” and for Limited you can use “Ltd”. Most of the companies use LLC with their company name.
  • The entity name you select should be appropriate and must not mislead the public. Therefore, you can’t use words like Agency, Bureau, Commission, Division, Department, Board, Municipal.
  • You cannot choose a name that is already taken by another company. The division of Corporations will check if the name is already taken by some other existing company when you file your LLC article of organization. If the name you have chosen matches with another registered company’s name then it will get rejected.

Florida Business Entity Search Method

Different states in the US require different procedures to conduct the business entity search. This can be done on the government portal of a particular state. The Florida business entity search can be carried out on the official portal of the Florida Secretary of State business search. In conclusion, you can carry out the Florida business entity search by different methods which are mentioned below:

Search By Entity Name:

Select the “Entity Name” button and you can directly enter the desired entity name in the search bar. After that, hit the search button and you will be redirected to the search result page of the Florida SOS business search.

Hit the search button and you will be redirected to the search result page of the Florida SOS business search. The search result page will consist of all the entity names registered in Florida that are either the same or similar to your searched business name. You can get your desired name registered only if the exact name is not mentioned in the list.

You can also conduct a business entity research of your own and conduct an inquiry to check the status or necessary information of any registered business in Florida. Here are the following details with which you can do a search.

  • EIN or FEI
  • Registered agent/Officer
  • Registered Agent Name
  • Trademark Name
  • Trademark Owner Name
  • Zip Code
  • Street Address
  • Document Number

Reserve Your Florida LLC Name

If you have selected the unique entity name but are not sure if you should start a business right now, then reserving your entity name is a perfect option. However, the state of Florida does not allow you to reserve a business name. You can only register the business name which costs about $50. This way you can complete your Florida business entity search.

Register Your Florida LLC Name

You can register your Florica LLC name on the official portal of the Florida SOS. We would recommend you to register as soon as you are ready with your LLC name. You can register online as well. Only after registering your LLC name, you can move ahead with the LLC formation process. However, the state filing cost is $125.

Domain & Trademark

A domain name, just like your LLC name, is the identity of your website. It is always advised to select a domain name that is exactly like your LLC name. However, if the exact domain name is not available, you can also go with a name that is similar to your business name. A trademark can prevent others from using your business logo, name, or symbol. A Florida trademark is a good idea as the logo or the name of your company is its most valuable asset. Similarly, by registering your trademark in Florida, others cannot use your design or name within the state. Above all, you can promote and advertise your services without any fear of plagiarism.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to get an LLC or Limited Liability Company in Florida?

In the state of Florida, it can take up to 2-4 weeks to form an LLC.

2. Are professional allowed to form LLCs in Florida?

Yes, professionals are allowed to form an LLC in Florida.

3. Can I use the word Agency for my LLC?

No, you can not use the word Agency for your LLC as it may mislead the public. Your company name must be simple and understandable to people.

4. Where can I search for my preferred Florida business entity name?

You can search your preferable business name on the official portal of the Florida Secretary of State business search and conduct a Florida Business Entity Search.

5. What is the use of EIN?

Employee identification number (EIN) is useful in filing and paying tax, submitting payroll information.

Revise Your Florida LLC Name

If you already have an LLC name registered but wish to change, you will need to perform the Florida SOS business search again. Then you must see if your desired name is available or not. Revising your LLC name is easy. You need to file the Articles of Amendment, it will cost $25. Within a few days, you will get the confirmation.

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