Nevada Secretary of State Business Entity Search

Situated in the western region of the USA, the state of Nevada has consistently been ranked among the top ten most business-friendly states. With no personal income tax and no corporate income tax involved, Nevada is considered a tax-friendly state which helps budding entrepreneurs grow and spread out their businesses. Naming a business is important, and the first step towards a business search is the Nevada Business Entity Search.

For medium to small businesses, forming a Limited Liability Company in the state of Nevada could be beneficial. And as an entrepreneur, you should consider forming a Nevada LLC as it is easy and hassle-free to register with low corporate taxes. But before forming an LLC in the state of Nevada, you are required to carry out a business entity search.


Nevada Business Entity Search

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A business entity search is a necessary process that should be performed in order to check if the preferred business name that you have in your mind is available in your state or not. The business name you select must not match with any other registered business in your state, and if it does, then your business name will not be registered. A business entity search will ensure that your business name is unique and not registered by any other business. So if you are considering starting your own business in the state of Nevada, then Nevada business entity search should be the first and most important step.

Nevada LLC Naming Guidelines

For your Nevada business or company name, firstly you need to think of a distinctive name that is unique among the registered businesses. There are some Nevada LLC naming guidelines that should be followed when you consider forming an LLC in Nevada.

  • Firstly, you are required to add “Limited Liability Company” or “LLC” at the end of your business or LLC name.
  • You cannot include names that do not denote or mislead the purpose of your business or company. For example, you cannot add “Bank” to your name if your company does not provide banking or related services.
  • Some words require approval from its specific board of commission in Nevada, this includes words such as “Accountancy”, “Accounting”, “Engineer”, etc.
  • Your Nevada LLC name should not match any other registered LLC in the state. Hence, you are required to conduct a Nevada business entity search.

Nevada Business Entity Search Methods

In order to select a business entity or a company name in the state of Nevada, you should carry out a business entity search. But what is the procedure to perform a Nevada business entity search and find an appropriate name? Firstly, you are required to open the official portal of the Nevada SOS business search.

You can carry on with your business search by different methods:

1. Search By Entity Name

Once you open the Nevada Secretary of State business search page, it is possible for you to conduct a name search simply by entering your desired entity name in the search bar. Enter the entity ID of a registered business and carry out the search inquiry.

2. Search By Entity Number

Enter the entity number in the “Entity Number” search bar which is located under the Business Entity Search Criteria. Enter the entity number and hit the search button and carry out a business inquiry.

3. Search By NV Business ID Number

You can enter the NV business ID Number associated with a business in this search bar and press the search button to carry out an inquiry.

4. Search By Officer Name

Enter the officer name associated with the business in the “Officer Name” search bar placed under the business entity search criteria. Hit the search button and conduct an inquiry.

Registering Your Nevada LLC Name

Once you have completed the Nevada business entity search procedure by conducting an entity search on the Nevada Secretary of state business search website, you are required to get your Nevada LLC name registered. You can complete this process by choosing a registered agent in Nevada and filing the Nevada LLC article of organization. To form an LLC in the state of Nevada, it will cost you a processing fee of $425. If you file the articles online, it will take 2 business days to form an LLC, whereas it will take up to 2 weeks if you file the articles through the mail.

If you have selected the appropriate name for your Nevada LLC but are not quite ready to start the business, you can reserve the name by filing the Name Reservation Form. you are allowed to keep your business name reserved in Nevada for 90 days. The reservation fee is $25. You can even renew the Nevada business name reservation once the reservation period ends.

Revising Your Nevada LLC Name

In the context of changing or revising your Nevada LLC name, it is necessary to file an amendment. You can file the application in multiple ways. Choose mail, email, fax, or even in-person. Nevada secretary of state handles all the applications and will keep you updated. The application cost is $175.

Domain & TrademarkUnited_States_Patent_and_Trademark_Office.svg

Choosing an easy-to-remember domain name is important for your LLC. Hence we would recommend you to choose the exact name of your LLC as your domain name. This way your customers will easily remember your domain name.  A trademark is not necessary, but it will provide your business with an umbrella to have a cover when needed. To get a trademark in Nevada, fill the Trademark Registration form and submit it to the SOS. it will cost you a registration fee of about $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I form an LLC in Nevada?

The state of Nevada offers a low cost to file an LLC. With simplified rules and regulations, it is the easiest way to form an LLC in this state.

2. How can I check if the entity name is available in Nevada or not?

You can perform a business entity search for the state of Nevada on the official portal of the Nevada SOS business search.

3. What is the processing fee to reserve a name in Nevada?

It will cost you about $25 to reserve a name in the state of Nevada.

4. What is the cost to get a business trademark in Nevada?

The filing cost for trademarking a business or company in Nevada can cost about $225 to $400.

5. What if my business entity name matches some other registered business entity name in Nevada?

You simply cannot get your name registered if your entity name matches another registered entity in Nevada. Hence, you should conduct a Nevada business entity search and check if the name is available in the state or not.

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