Missouri Secretary of State Business Entity Search

Missouri is a state that offers a pro-business environment. With assets for entrepreneurs, Missouri also offers a low-cost business with a unique structure. If you have the right business plan ready then this could be an ideal state for you to start a business. But do you know the necessary steps to register a business name in Missouri? To find a perfect name for your Missouri business, the first prime step is to perform a Missouri business entity search.

An LLC or Limited Liability Company is preferable in Missouri as the state offers a low cost to file. It is the quickest and easiest way to form an LLC in this state. With simple rules and regulations, Missouri LLC becomes ideal for startups and small to normal-sized businesses. But before forming an LLC in Missouri you should consider performing a business entity search.


Missouri Business Entity Search

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An entity search is basically a business name search. Before forming a business, business owners or individuals perform a business entity search so as to select their preferred name. The idea behind this is simple, it should not be exact identical to any registered entity or business name. Hence, before registering an LLC name, A Missouri business entity search is important. And if you select a name that has been already used by a registered business, the state of the secretary will reject your file. Therefore, it is always advised to carry out a business entity search before registering a business.

Missouri LLC Naming Guidelines

Before completing your Missouri business name search, we recommend taking a look at the Missouri LLC naming guidelines. Choosing and selecting an entity name is one of the most crucial steps when you start a business. Make sure that the business name you select meets the Missouri LLC naming guidelines which are as follows:

  • As it is an LLC, your Missouri LLC name must contain the word “L.L.C.”, “LLC”, or “Limited liability company”.
  • Restricted words like University, Bank, or Attorney might require extra paperwork.
  • Words that can confuse or mix up your business name with a government organization cannot be used. These mainly include words like State Department, FBI, Treasury.

Missouri Business Entity Search Method

Different states in the US have different approaches and procedures to perform the business entity search. So what is the procedure for the Missouri business entity search? Well, firstly you need to conduct a search on the official portal of the Missouri Secretary of state business search website.

Once you open the Missouri SOS business search page, on the dropdown menu, select the Name Availablity button. Now enter your appropriate business name and click the search button. You will get the search results just below the search button which will have a list of business names matching your searched name.

You can even carry out an inquiry for other registered businesses in Missouri through different methods:

1. Business Name

  • You can carry out the search by selecting the “Business Name” tab and providing the registered Missouri business name.

  • Hit the search button and you can carry out an inquiry from the search result page.

2. Charter Number

You can conduct a search by selecting the “Charter Number” tab and providing the corporate number or charter number.

Reserving Your Missouri LLC Name

If you have selected the perfect available business name in Missouri but are not quite ready or prepared to start the business, the state provides you with a facility to get your entity name reserved for a time period of 60 days. And for the same, you can file the application with the SOS office of Missouri by providing all the necessary documents. In Missouri, it will cost about $25 to reserve a name. You are even allowed to renew the name two more times after the reservation period ends. However, you can’t renew the reservation of the same name after the 3rd and final renewal.

Registering Your Missouri LLC Name

Once you have carried out the name search on the Missouri Secretary of state business search page and selected an appropriate business name, you should get it registered immediately before someone else does it. File the formation documents or the articles of incorporation with Missouri state. It will take approximately 5-10 business days to form an LLC in Missouri if you file it by mail. Whereas, you can immediately get your Missouri LLC formed if you file it online. The Missouri SOS charges $105 for paper filings and 50$ to file the article of organization.

Revising Your Missouri LLC Name

The business LLC name reflects your company. However, sometimes a company decides to rebrand, change, or revise its name. In such cases, you need to submit an amendment with all the updated company records and get your Missouri LLC name changed. The filing fee to revise your Missouri LLC name is $25.

Domain & TrademarkUnited_States_Patent_and_Trademark_Office.svg

Selecting a domain name is also very important. You are required to choose a domain name that matches your LLC name. And if it doesn’t, try to find a name that is similar to your LLC name. Once you have selected the available business entity name by conducting the Missouri business entity search as mentioned above, you can secure it if you apply for a trademark. To Trademark a name in Missouri, file the Trademark application form. A business trademark in the State of Missouri can cost you about $225 to $400. And if you wish to get the trademark renewed after 10 years, you have to pay the same fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I form an LLC in Missouri?

The state of Missouri offers a low cost to file an LLC. With simplified rules and regulations, it is the easiest way to form an LLC in this state.

2. How can I check if the entity name is available in Missouri or not?

You can perform a Missouri business entity search on the official portal of the Missouri SOS business search.

3. What is the processing fee to reserve a name in Missouri?

It will cost you about $25 to reserve a name in the state of Missouri.

4. What is the cost to get a business trademark in Missouri?

The filing cost for trademarking a business or company in Missouri can cost about $225 to $400.

5. What if my business entity name matches some other registered business entity name in Missouri?

You simply cannot get your name registered if your entity name matches another registered entity in Missouri.

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