Nebraska Secretary of State Business Entity Search

To start your LLC formation, you must be aware of two crucial things. One, Nebraska business entity search, and two, Nebraska SOS naming guidelines. Nebraska is ranked 2nd in the US for ease of doing business. Hence this has seen an uprise in new business formation. Let us start with understanding business entity search and why is it necessary for any owner?


Nebraska Business Entity Search

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Nebraska secretary of state allows you to perform the Nebraska business entity search which is very important for any business owner. It allows you to identify which names are available. The first step towards forming your LLC is to name your business. To choose your name you must ensure two things. One that you follow the SOS naming guidelines as mentioned below. Second, you perform the Nebraska secretary of state business search to ensure that your desired name is available.

Nebraska SOS Naming Guidelines

The Nebraska naming guidelines is a set of rules every owner must follow in order to name their LLC. These guidelines are checked against the name you submit to the SOS while forming your LLC. If it meets all the criteria from the guidelines only then your LLC will be formed.

  • Your LLC name should not include any word that is obscene or discriminatory in nature.
  • Your LLC name should have “Limited Liability Company” or its short forms like LLC, or L.C.C.
  • The LLC name should not imply that it is a bank or an insurance company unless you have the permission.
  • You must not use words like department, bureau, or agency to avoid any resemblance with a government agency.

Nebraska Business Entity Search Methods

You can perform the Nebraska business entity search in multiple ways. These methods will only impact your search to get a broader result or a narrower result. You will also be shown the LLC status along with the business name and other details. The status may have different terms like expired, inactive, dissolved, merged, cancelled, or withdrawn. All of these terms mean that the name is available now. You need to visit the Nebraska SOS business search website to start the search.

There are actually just two methods to perform the Nebraska business entity search, one search by business name, the other search by account number. The business name can be searched with various other options to make the search more accurate. These options are as shown in the image below:

Nebraska Business Entity Search Options

The other method is to search by account number. This is a very narrow search and can give you the exact details of the account number you searched for.

Reserve Nebraska LLC Name

This step can be crucial because registering your LLC is the only other way to register your LLC name. They are both the same process and so if your reserve your name then during the registration process, your name will still be unavailable for other businesses. To reserve your LLC name, you can start with the Nebraska business entity search and then you can visit their SOS website online to find the reservation form. It is a short form and you can submit the form to move the process ahead. In case, your application is denied due to the unavailability of your name, you can request a review for that decision as well.

Register Nebraska LLC Name

Your LLC formation will only be possible if you have a valid LLC name. For this, you must perform the Nebraska business entity search. It is crucial that you use a valid name before forming your LLC because if not then your application can be denied. Registering your LLC and registering your LLC name is not a separate process. They are both the same and you need to form your LLC and only then your name will be shown as taken in the records of Nebraska SOS. Unless you have reserved your LLC name as we discussed above.

Domain & Trademark


It is necessary to create a domain for your business, the technology is progressing day by day and so is the importance of online presence. Therefore, your customers need to know how they can connect with you online and for that you must have a domain name that is quite easy to remember. This will make a small impact on your online traffic as well. We would suggest you choose a domain name that is the same as your LLC name. You do not need to use Nebraska SOS business search to choose your domain name.

Businesses use trademarks to protect their business name, logo, or symbol. This protects the business from any infringement. It is of great help to trademark your business name when you are thinking to expand and moving your business to another state.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I reserve an LLC name in Nebraska?

If you are not quite ready to start a business, you can always reserve the LLC name in Nebraska.

2. How can I check if my desired business name is available in Nebraska or not?

You simply conduct a business name search on the portal of the Nebraska Secretary of State business search.

3. What if I select an LLC name that has been already registered in Nebraska?

The Nebraska secretary of state will simply reject your application file if you select an LLC name that has been already registered in Nebraska.

4. How long does it take to form an LLC in Nebraska?

It takes about 3-5 business days of approval time to form an LLC in Nebraska.

5. For how many days can I reserve an LLC name in the state of Nebraska?

You can reserve a Nebraska LLC name for a period of 120 days.

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