Wyoming Secretary of State Business Entity Search

Do you know the necessary considerations for naming your business in Wyoming? Well, doing a Wyoming business entity search becomes very important for naming your business in the state. Our article will answer all your questions regarding business entity search and what could be your next step after selecting a perfect name for your business.

What makes Wyoming so special for businesses? With only 4% sales tax, the state of Wyoming has one of the most business-friendly tax climates across the nation. This is because it doesn’t charge a corporate or individual state income tax. Wyoming also has one of the highest business survival rates in the nation. This makes it a perfect destination to set up your new business. Also, for small to medium start-ups, starting a Wyoming LLC could be very beneficial in terms of managing the new business. An LLC will help you avoid double taxation while also protecting your personal possessions.


Wyoming Business Entity Search

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Naming your business is a very crucial part of starting a new business. Also, it is safe to say that your business name is the first impression of what your business is about. However, your business name should not be similar to any other registered business in the state. That’s where business entity search comes in handy. A Wyoming business entity search helps you check the state records for businesses. It will ensure whether your selected business name is currently or formerly used by another entity in the state.

Wyoming LLC Naming Guidelines

Every LLC in Wyoming must be named under the following guidelines.

  • The term limited liability company or its abbreviations (LLC or L.L.C) must be present in your Wyoming LLC name.
  • Youe LLC should not contain phrases of other types of business. I.e. Corporation,  Cooperative, partnership, incorporated, or abbreviations of the same.
  • Your LLC name must be different from any existing business in the state. This also includes the Wyoming reserved names. This can be done by conducting a Wyoming business entity search on the Wyoming SOS business search portal.
  • You are not allowed to use phrases that would confuse your LLC with federal or state government agencies. I.e. Wyoming Police, FBI, state department, and so on.
  • Your name should not imply that your business is illegal to carry out.

Wyoming Business Entity Search Method

Now that you are aware of the term business entity search, let’s see what are the possible ways of doing a Wyoming business entity search? The Wyoming Secretary of State business search portal allows searching for the filing name and filing id of any particular business in the state.

1. Search By Filing Name

You can search your preferred business name in the “Filing Name” search box and find out whether it is currently or formerly used by another entity in the state. Additionally, you can also search the name of any existing business in the state and find out more details about it.

Wyoming Business Entity Search

  • Go to the Wyoming SOS business search page and search your preferred business name in the “Filing Name” search box.
  • The result page will display all the businesses in the state that are using that name. This page will also have details like entity status, date of formation, Filing ID, etc. Refer to the image below.
  • You can click on any business on the result page to get additional information about it.

 2. Search By Filing ID

Filing ID is the unique number assigned to all businesses in the state of Wyoming. You can Search the Filing ID of any particular business in the “Filing ID” Search box. This will give you a single result of the business associated with that filing id number as shown in the image.

Wyoming Sos Business Search

Reserve Your Wyoming LLC Name

The Wyoming SOS also allows you to reserve a particular name if you don’t want to register a business immediately. This will secure the name until you are ready to reserve a business name in Wyoming you can file the Name Reservation application with the Wyoming SOS. The filing fee is $60 and your name will be reserved for 120 days. 

Register Your Wyoming LLC Name

After doing a Wyoming business entity search and finding a suitable name for your business, the next step is to register it with the SOS. This requires filing the Wyoming Articles of Organization. The cost of filing the Wyoming Articles of Organization is $100 for mail and $102 for online. The formation of this document officially forms your LLC in Wyoming. 

Domain and TrademarkUnited_States_Patent_and_Trademark_Office.svg

Usually, your domain name should perfectly correlate with the business name. This will make it easy to remember. Also, you can secure your business name, logo, or slogan by filing a trademark in Wyoming. The trademark registration fee is $100. This trademark will be valid for 5 years. You can also renew the trademark six months prior to the expiration of the previous trademark.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if a business name is available to use in Wyoming?

You can go to the Wyoming SOS business search portal and perform a Wyoming business entity search.

2. Can I reserve an LLC name in Wyoming?

Yes. The Wyoming SOS allows you to reserve an LLC name for 120 days.

3. What is the cost of reserving an LLC name in Wyoming?

The cost to file an LLC name reservation for Wyoming is $60.

4. What is the cost of forming an LLC in Wyoming?

The LLC is formed by filing the Articles of Organization. The formation of Wyoming Articles of Organization costs $100 by mail and $102 online.

5. What is the cost of filing a trademark in Wyoming?

The cost of registering a trademark in Wyoming is $100 per class.

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