Vermont Secretary of State Business Entity Search

Forming an LLC in Vermont can be easier if you are known to the complete process. We will help you out with the first step that is naming your LLC. To start that you must know how to perform the Vermont business entity search and also be known to the Vermont SOS naming guidelines. So, how can you perform the Vermont secretary of state business search? Before moving to that let us explain what it really is and how it can be helpful.


Vermont Business Entity Search

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Vermont SOS can help you with the Vermont business entity search. It is very important for any business to know whether their desired name is available or not. Vermont secretary of state business search allows you to access their records of all registered business and then shows you whether the name you search is available or not. This way you won’t apply for an LLC with an unavailable name. This is why it is so important. Applying with an unavailable name can reject your application and further increase the processing time.

Vermont SOS Naming Guidelines

A very important thing to be aware of while naming your LLC. You must follow the guidelines and only then your LLC name will be approved for registration.

  • There should be no term used in your name that is of discriminatory language.
  • Your name must include Limited Liability Company or its short forms like LLC, or L.C.C.
  • Your LLC name should not imply that it is a bank or an insurance company unless you have the permission.
  • You must not use words like bureau, agency, etc to avoid any resemblance with a government agency.

As said above, your name must be unique and distinguishable from other names. So what is seen as distinguishable?

  • A business name that has the same keywords but in a different order.
    • Example: “The Good Day Cafe LLC” and “The Cafe Good Day”
  • A business name with a keyword that is added, omitted or substituted.
    • Example: “The Good Day Cafe LLC” and “The Good Cafe LLC”
    • Example: “The Good Day Cafe LLC” and “Steve’s Good Day Cafe LLC”
  • A business name with a keyword that has the same or similar meaning.
    • Example: “The Good Day Cafe LLC” and “The Good Cafeteria LLC”
  • A business name with a keyword that uses homophones.
    • Example: “56 Brew Cafe LLC” and “Five Fix Brew Cafe LLC”

These are the guidelines a business should follow before naming your Vermont LLC.

Vermont Business Entity Search Methods

There are different ways you can search for a business using the Vermont SOS website. These methods are quite easy and can also help you with narrowing down your result. The two broad classifications of Vermont business entity search is the express search and the advanced search. The advanced search includes search by registered agent name and LLC status. If your result’s status includes Inactive, Expired, Dissolved, or Converted then it means that name is available for you.

Vermont Business Entity Search Methods

1. Search by business name

You can use the Vermont SOS business search to simply type in the business name you are looking for. The search is not only used to find an available name for your LLC but also for other details. This is a broad search method and any name you type in will either result in being available with company details or unavailable with no result.

2. Search by business ID or filing number

You can also do the Vermont business entity search for any business using their specific ID or their filing number. Remember both these detail are different. This also narrows down your result to a specific business. You may also get results including similar business IDs or filing numbers. Your result may also include business names that are expired.

Reserve Vermont LLC Name

Reserving your Vermont LLC name is also a good option for most. In case, you feel during the process your name might be taken. You can always choose to reserve your LLC name. This will protect the name for a certain period of time certainly during the whole registration process. Vermont SOS business search allows you to know which name is currently available and you can then easily reserve that name.

Register Vermont LLC Name

To make it absolutely clear registering your LLC name and registering your LLC is the same process. Your application for LLC registration can be denied if your LLC name is not valid. There can be two reasons for it, your name is not available to use or you are not following the naming guidelines of Vermont SOS. You can start your registration process online, although we would suggest you to of course use the Vermont business entity search beforehand.

Domain & Trademark


In today’s world, it is getting more and more important to have an online presence. Therefore a business needs to understand how to ease its presence online. One of those things is to have an easy-to-remember domain name. We would recommend a name that is a very close resemblance to what service you offer. Another way to name your domain could be to use your LLC name as your domain name as well. This way it might also be easy to find an available name.

Trademarks are crucial in a business. It may not seem so helpful when you just commence your business. Although it may come as a big help at the later stage of your business. Generally, no business trademark their business name, logo or symbol at first, this is because they are still growing. Later when your business is much more present in the industry, there is a fear of people taking advantage of it and using your business name, logo, or symbol in a similar way. Therefore trademarking it will protect you from such infringement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I require a business license?

No, Vermont does not have a basic need for a business license. Although you must register your business with the Vermont Secretary of State.

2. Can I have a single Vermont business Tax Account?

No, you must have a separate business tax account for your LLC. Sales, meals and withholding need separate tax account.

3. How do I know if a business name is available to use in Vermont?

Follow our guide to conducting a Vermont business entity search by visiting the Vermont SOS business search portal.

4. How much does it cost to reserve an LLC name in Vermont?

It costs a filing fee of $20 to reserve a business name in Vermont.

5. What is the cost of forming an LLC in Vermont?

The filing fee for a Vermont Articles of Organization is $125. The formation of this document officially forms your LLC in Vermont.

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