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Ranked among the topmost business-friendly states in the US, Utah provides the perfect climate for entrepreneurs. And it takes pride in itself on its strong and promising economic prospects. Let’s know, how can Utah be a promising state for your business? Our step-by-step guide will walk you through all the possible methods of Utah business entity search so that you can find a perfect name for your business.

To run a new business in Utah, it is advised to form a  Limited liability company, especially if you run a small to regular-sized business. Over 26,000 Utah LLCs are registered every year, however, it is not surprising as the state ranks 6th on the small business survival index with a booming economy.


Utah Business Entity Search

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A business entity search is crucial to forming Utah LLC. The Utah business entity search tells you what business names are available in Utah. No two businesses can have the same name. The further process requires your LLC name in order to be formed. This is primarily done in order to check if your desired name is available in the state you are planning to run the business or not. Utah business entity search shall be performed in order to ensure that no other company has registered the same name in Utah. It is also used for other purposes like knowing the details of a particular company. Now, if you find your desired name already being used by some other company, then you must make some changes to your LLC name. Here are the guidelines you must follow to name your LLC.

Florida LLC Naming Guidelines

Utah secretary of the state formed an LLC naming guidelines. Hence, to name your LLC, the guidelines must be followed. These are written below:

  • As it is an LLC, the name must contain “LLC”, “Limited Company”, “Limited Liability Company”, “ltd”, “L.L.C.”, or “LC”
  • Above all, your Utah LLC must be distinguishable from all other registered companies.
  • Words that define your LLC as a government agency or affiliation cannot be used. For instance, words such as FBI, State Department, Treasury, cannot be used.
  • Restricted words like “University”, “Institution”, “Olympic”, “Olympiad”, “College”, ”Institute” cannot be used.

Utah Business Entity Search Methods

Just like any other state in the US, the procedure to search for an entity name in Utah is also different. If you are looking for an inquiry of a registered business, or want to check if your desired business name is available in the state of Utah or not, you should search and open the official portal of Utah SOS business search. Above all, you can look out for the necessary details about a registered business from this page.

You can gather information like entity number, address, activity status, and much more. Once you open the page, you are provided with three options through which you can carry out the search:

1. Search by Business Name

You can perform an inquiry about a registered business by directly providing the business name. Hit the “Business Name” button and enter the business name in the search bar. After that, press Enter and you will be provided with the search results just below the search bar.

2. Search By File Number

Similarly, by clicking on the “Number” tab, enter the Entity Number of a registered business in the search bar. After that, press the Enter button.

3. Search by Executive Name

Likewise, click on the “Executive Name” button and you will be asked to provide the executive name of a business in the search bar. However, to carry out the inquiry, a $3 processing fee will be charged.

If you wish to check business name availability in Utah, on the portal of the Utah secretary of state business search, type and search out your desired name in the “Business Name” search bar. Above all, if there is no exact match on the search result page, you can go with the entity name.

Reserve Your Utah LLC Name

This is very important to know that you can reserve a name for your LLC before registering it. Utah business entity search gives you an insight into names that are not available. At times, you may feel that there can be other ideas for your LLC name that might pop up with time. According to the Utah secretary of state, the Utah LLC name can be reserved for 120 days at a cost of $22. If in the near future you don’t find any better name you can then use the reserved name to register your LLC.

Register Your Utah LLC Name

The foremost step after deciding your LLC name should be to register it. The Utah business entity search will only allow you to know the name availability. Until you register, any business can take that name. You can register your LLC name through the Utah SOS website. After which you can continue with your LLC formation. This would include a certificate of formation. The filing fee is $70. However, you have to wait for 2-3 weeks (If filed by mail) or 2-3 business days (If filed online) for the approval.

Revise Your Utah LLC Name

Sometimes, as a business owner, you may realize that you need to change or revise your Utah LLC name. It could be a rebranding, typographical mistake, or maybe you want to change the direction of your business. For this, you need to file a form of the amendment and update the records with the Utah government. However, the processing fee for filing this form is $15.

Domain & TrademarkUnited_States_Patent_and_Trademark_Office.svg

Selecting the right domain name is another important thing that must be considered for your Utah business. It is always advised that your domain name should match with your Utah LLC name, and if not, you must think of a similar name. Once you have confirmed that your desired name is available, register it. This even allows you to trademark it. However, this can cost you somewhere between $225 to $400. Trademarking your business will not only secure it but will provide you with a cushion backed by federal law.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I check if my desired business name is available in Utah?

You can easily carry out a Utah business entity name search on the official portal of Utah SOS.

2. What is the filing fee for registering an LLC in Utah?

To register an LLC in Utah, the processing fee is $70.

3. Can I renew the reserved Utah LLC name after the reservation period is over?

Yes, you can re-reserve the Utah LLC for another 120 days after the first reservation period is over.

4. What is the cost of changing or revising an LLC name in Utah?

It can cost about $37 to change your LLC name in the state of Utah.

5. Is it necessary to form an LLC in Utah?

No, it is not compulsory to form an LLC. However, for small to normal-sized businesses, it is best to have an LLC as it is easy to form and has several tax benefits.

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