Montana Secretary of State Business Entity Search

There are a number of states in the USA that are good for startups or starting a new business. However, a recent study suggests that Montana has been ranked among the topmost states to run a small business. The factors contributing to this are its tax climate and the business-friendliness. So are you looking forward to starting a business in Montana? If yes, then we highly recommend you to perform a Montana business entity search before starting the business.

A Limited liability company (LLC) could be a good option for you to form in Montana. Above all, one of the most beneficial aspects of forming an LLC in Montana is its personal liability protection. However, you are required to conduct a Montana business entity search before naming an LLC in this state. Let’s discuss what a business entity search is and how it could benefit you and your company.


Montana Business Entity Search

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A business entity search is a process to conduct a business search, particularly to check the status of a business that has been registered in a state. It is also performed in order to check if a business name is available in a particular state or not. Hence, it helps to avoid an entity name that has been already registered in a state. In addition, if a business name is not registered in a state, this means that any business can register that name. Montana business entity search can help you find registered businesses. Now let’s discuss what are the LLC naming guidelines that must be followed to name a business in Montana.

Montana LLC Naming Guidelines

There are several LLC naming guidelines that business owners must be aware of. The Montana LLC naming guidelines are written below:

  • All LLCs in Montana must contain the words, “LLC”, “L.L.C’, or “Limited Liability Company” at the end of their name.
  • You are not allowed to name an LLC that is similar to the name of any government agency. In other words, you cannot use words like Police, Treasury, FBI, FDA, etc.
  • Your LLC name should be original. In addition, it must not be similar to an LLC in Montana.
  • In addition, it should not define a purpose that’s illegal for your business to run.
  • Likewise, your Montana LLC should also be unique. In other words, your desired business name must not be registered by any business in the state. Hence, a Montana business entity search is important.

Montana Business Entity Search Procedure

The Montana Secretary of State business search portal allows you to perform a business name search. But how can you approach the Montana business entity search? Well, you can conduct a business name search through different methods.

1. Search By Name

  • Once you are on the given portal of the Montana SOS business search, you are required to provide a business or entity name in the search box.

  • You can also click on the “Advanced Search” drop-down and carry out a search by using the given filters.
  • After that, simply hit the search button and you will be provided with the search result that will include entity names with their registration date, Agent name, and status.


  • For more details about a particular name in that list, you can simply click on the arrow button that appears next to the business name.

2. Search By Filing Number

  • Similarly, if you know the filing number of a particular business in the state, then you can simply enter it in the same search box.
  • You can similarly apply the filters in the “Advanced Search” and hit the search button.
  • The search result will accurately provide you with the valid business that has been associated with the exact filing number.

Reserve Your Montana LLC Name

The Montana SOS allows you to reserve an LLC name if you are not prepared to form a business yet. Firstly, you are required to perform a Montana business entity search on the Montana Secretary of State business search portal. If the LLC name is available, you can simply reserve it through mail or online, this will reserve your LLC name for 120 days. For this, you are required to provide all the necessary information on either the SOS website or by filling out a name reservation application. In addition, the processing fee to reserve a business name in Montana is $10.

Register Your Montana LLC Name

Once you are sure about a business name after carrying out the business name search, now is the time to register it. To register an LLC in Montana, you are required to file the Montana Articles of Organization with the SOS. The filing fee for the Articles of Organization is $70 and it will take somewhere between 7-10 business days to form it.

Domain And TrademarkUnited_States_Patent_and_Trademark_Office.svg

It is strongly recommended to always buy a domain name that matches your Montana LLC name. Even if starting a business in this state is just a thought right now, you should search out your domain name and buy it before someone else does it. Likewise, you can typically secure your Montana business name with a Trademark. A Trademark is never compulsory, however, it will give you the assurance that your LLC name is protected from any third-party use. However, a Montana trademark can typically cost between $225 to $400.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I check if my desired name is available in Montana?

You can simply perform a Montana business entity search on the official portal of the Montana SOS business search page.

2. What if I select an LLC name that has been already registered in Montana?

The Montana SOS will reject your application and you will not be able to register an LLC with the same name.

3. For how many days can I reserve an LLC in Montana?

You can typically reserve an LLC name for 120 days in the state of Montana.

4. What is the cost to trademark a business name in Montana?

A Montana trademark can typically cost between $225-$400.

5. How long does it take to form an LLC in Montana?

It can take somewhere between 7-10 business days to form an LLC in Montana.

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