Massachusetts Secretary of State Business Entity Search

Massachusetts ranks among the top states for business in the USA. In addition, Massachusetts also ranks high among the top states to begin a new business. Hence, this small-business-friendly state could be a perfect option for new startups. And if you are one of those entrepreneurs looking to launch a business, you should carry out a Massachusetts business entity search. But why and how should you conduct a business name search? Let’s discuss.

Forming a Massachusetts LLC or Limited Liability Company could be a great option. Especially if you run a small to regular-scale business. With its strong support for small businesses and simple tax filing, we highly recommend you to form an LLC in Massachusetts. In addition, an LLC in this state can also offer countless business tax credits.


Massachusetts Business Entity Search

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A business entity search or business name search is a process that is conducted in order to check the required information of a specific business in the state. New businesses also perform a business name search in order to check if their desired name is available in the state or not. A business name is commonly the first impression with customers. Hence, a perfect business name is unarguable very important. However, you cannot get your business name registered if you select a name that has been already registered by someone else. Therefore, performing a Massachusetts business entity search on the official portal of the Massachusetts SOS business search could be beneficial before you get your business name registered in this state.

Massachusetts LLC Naming Guidelines

Before you form an LLC in the state of Massachusetts, you are required to select an LLC name. But before moving ahead you should be aware of the LLC naming guidelines that are written below:

  • As it is a Massachusetts LLC, your business name should include the word “limited company” or “limited liability company”, or one of its short forms (LLC, L.C., LC, or L.L.C.).
  • You cannot include phrases that could confuse your Massachusetts LLC like Bank, University, or Attorney. Such words might require a licensed individual and special paperwork.
  • The name you choose must not be the same as any existing business name in Massachusetts. For this, a Massachusetts business entity search should be conducted.

Massachusetts Business Entity Search Methods

The business entity search procedures vary from state to state. But what is the business name search procedure for the state of Massachusetts? For this, the first and foremost step is to open the portal of the Massachusetts Secretary of State business search. On the business entity search page, you can conduct an inquiry by either providing the Entity Name, Individual Name, Identification Number, or Filing Number of any business.

1. Search By Entity Name:

Once you select the “Entity Name” button, you can directly enter the name of a business or your desired business name.

Hit the “Search Corporations” button and carry out the inquiry.

2. Search By Individual Name

Similarly, you can select the “Individual Name” button. After that, enter the first, middle, and last name of an officer or director associated with a business. Simply hit the search button and carry out the inquiry.

3. Identification Number

Likewise, you can also select the “Identification Number” button. After that, enter the ID number of a business and hit the search button to carry out an inquiry.

4. Filing Number

By selecting the “Filing Number” tab, you can simply carry out an inquiry. Provide a valid filing number of a registered business and hit the search button to carry out an inquiry.

Massachusetts LLC Name Reservation

If you are not quite ready to start a business in Massachusetts but have a perfect name in your head, then you can simply reserve it. For this, firstly you are required to complete the business name search on the portal on Massachusetts Secretary of State business search. In other words, the state of Massachusetts allows you to reserve an LLC name. You are just required to file a form and pay a reservation fee of $30. In Massachusetts, business name reservations last for a period of 60 days. In addition, you can also re-reserve the name for the next 60 days after the first reservation period is over. However, an additional fee of $30 is charged.

Massachusetts LLC Name Registration

Once you have completed the Massachusetts business entity search and selected the perfect name for your startup, it is time to register it. You are required to appoint a registered agent and file a certificate of organization with the Massachusetts secretary of commonwealth corporations division. However, the filing fee to form an LLC in this state is $520 (for online filing) and $500 (for paper filing). In addition, the processing time is between 4 hours (Online filing) to 4-5 business days (By Mail).

Domain & Trademark


Another important detail when you start a new business is selecting a domain name. The domain name, mostly, is the same as the business name. However, if your desired domain name is unavailable, you can go with a name that is similar to your company name. You can simply trademark your Massachusetts business name for somewhere between $225-$400. However, a Trademark is only necessary for medium to large-scale businesses. And if you run a small business locally in Massachusetts, and don’t want to go national, we don’t recommend you to Trademark your LLC name.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I check if my desired business name is available in Massachusetts or not?

You simply conduct a Massachusetts business entity name search on the official portal of the Massachusetts SOS business search.

2. How much does it cost to form an LLC in Massachusetts?

For online filing, an LLC in Massachusetts costs around $500. Whereas, it can cost you about $520 if you file it through the mail.

3. What if I select an LLC name that has been registered by someone else in Massachusetts?

Your LLC file will simply be rejected and will not be approved by the Massachusetts Secretary of Commonwealth.

4. For how many days can I reserve an LLC name in Massachusetts?

The state of Massachusetts allows you to reserve an LLC name for a period of 60 days.

5. What is the cost to Trademark an LLC name in Massachusetts?

It will cost you about $225-$400 to Trademark an LLC in Massachusetts.

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