Kentucky Secretary of State Business Entity Search

With a low cost of living and low business cost, the state of Kentucky could be perfect if you are looking to start a business here. But before starting a business, the first and foremost step is naming your Kentucky business. Hence, it is suggested to always perform a Kentucky business entity search. But how and why should you perform a business name search? Let’s discuss.

As an entrepreneur, forming an LLC in the state of Kentucky is a perfect choice. In addition, if you already run a business in this state, then this could be the best option. An LLC or Limited Liability Company is a simple and easy-to-understand business structure. Likewise, it is among the most popular business structures for medium to small-scale businesses as well. In addition, an LLC in Kentucky can also offer numerous tax benefits.


Kentucky Business Entity Search


If you are looking forward to starting a Kentucky LLC, then your first step must be the Kentucky business entity search. A business entity search is basically a procedure that must be carried out in order to conduct a business inquiry. And to conduct this procedure, the Kentucky SOS business search page helps. This makes it easier to carry out a business name search and check if the desired business name is available in their state or not. In other words, no two businesses can have the same LLC name. Therefore, in order to select a business name, a Kentucky business entity search must be conducted. In addition, before selecting an LLC name, you are required to be aware of some necessary LLC naming guidelines.

Kentucky LLC Naming Guidelines

The Kentucky SOS suggests new businesses be aware of the LLC naming guidelines before selecting an LLC name. The Kentucky LLC naming guidelines are written below:

  • To use the word “cooperative” with your LLC name, you are required to ask for approval.
  • Your Kentucky LLC must have the word “LLC”, “Limited Liability Company”, “Ltd Co.”, or “Limited Company”.
  • The LLC name must not carry any word that can confuse it with any government agency. In other words, you cannot use “Police” or “FBI” with your Kentucky LLC name.
  • Words like “Bank” and “Attorney” are restricted words. In other words, using such words for your Kentucky LLC might require special permission from a licensed individual.
  • Your Kentucky LLC name must be different from all other LLCs in this state. Hence, you should carry out a Kentucky business entity search.

Kentucky Business Entity Search Procedure

To conduct a Kentucky business entity search, you are required to access the official portal of the Kentucky SOS business search. On the business entity search page, you can carry out an inquiry primarily through two main methods:

1. Search By Entity Name

Once you access the provided Kentucky Secretary of State business search page, you can conduct an inquiry by providing a business name. In the search bar, simply enter a business name and hit the “Search Business Name” button.

The search result page will contain a list of business names that match your searched name. After that, you can simply click on any one of the entity names for detailed information.

2. Search By Organization Number

If you know an accurate organization number of a registered business, you can simply enter the number in the same search bar. After that, hit the search button to conduct the inquiry.

Reserving An LLC Name In Kentucky

If you wish to reserve an LLC name after conducting the Kentucky business entity search, you can simply reserve it with the Kentucky Secretary of State. Business names can be reserved in Kentucky for a period of 120 days. To reserve an LLC name, you are required to file an application through mail along with the filing fee. In addition, the filing fee to reserve an LLC in the state of Kentucky is $15.

Registering Your Kentucky LLC Name

Registering an LLC in Kentucky is a pretty simple and straightforward process. Once you select a business name after conducting the name search on the portal of Kentucky business search, you can simply register it. Secondly, you are required to appoint a registered agent for your Kentucky LLC and file the Kentucky Articles of Organization. You can file the articles by mail or online. However, you are required to pay the processing fee of $40. In addition, the processing time for filing through the mail is 3-5 days, and it is immediate for online filing.

Domain & Trademark

For your Kentucky business, having a URL that matches your business name is a perfect option. Likewise, we recommend you buy your Kentucky business domain name as early as possible, which will prevent other users from acquiring it. In addition, a trademark can also be helpful in the long run. You can simply trademark your LLC name, logo, or slogans associated with your business and secure them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I conduct a Kentucky business entity search?

You can simply access the webpage of the Kentucky Secretary of State business search and carry out a business name search.

2. Is it possible to reserve an LLC name in the state of Kentucky?

Yes, the Kentucky SOS allows businesses to reserve their LLC name for a period of 120 days.

3. How long does it usually take to form an LLC in Kentucky?

LLCs in Kentucky could be formed immediately if you fill the application online. Whereas it can take around 3-5 days to file it through the mail.

4. What is the Kentucky LLC name reservation fee?

You can simply reserve any available LLC name in Kentucky for $15.

5. Can I use the word “Attorney” with my Kentucky LLC?

It might require special permission from a licensed individual to use the word “Attorney” with your Kentucky LLC.

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